PicturePhoto by Dave Lloyd

Whisky bottles reach the ceiling,
the barmaid's climbing a ladder,
eyes upward but not praying,
her legs get fingers twitching

and 'Binghamton's' on something

he says it's all happening here
lives in the next town nothing doing,
the band play the Blues again
announce their retirement mid-song

but 'Binghamton' can't sit down

he's dancing in his chair,
he's banging his head on the shelf,
he's outside with the smokers,
his eyes are popping out

and 'Binghamton's' finding out

the girl from the pasta restaurant
gyrates like a charming snake,
as he tells his own to keep down
for fear he'll catch the venom

and 'Binghamton's' here then gone

the buses have long since left,
the girl from Eastside's struggling home,
he's hustling and dealing on the sidewalk
his hands are pigeons pouncing.


03/10/2014 05:48

You've captured quite the "spirit."


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