for   Al   Jones

Al mun, did I hear you correctly?

Did you say -
'I'll probably see you next in Heaven' ?
or was it 'in Hirwaun'?

You see, there is a difference.

I don't believe in Heaven
or Hell (not even my time
working in Butlins' kitchens).

But, I do believe in Hirwaun.
However ethereal it may seem
when the clouds hang low
below the Rhigos Mountain,
it is your home
and the place of Cymraeg.

Every week at y dosbarth

in the YMCA around a table
still struggling with treigladau.

But if you did say 'Heaven'
what were you inferring?
After all, you are a Zen
could reach enlightenment
through meditation wherever, whenever........
even at the end of the Valley of Lost Meaning,
yes, even in Hirwaun!

Notes -    dosbarth  - class
treigladau - mutations


Al Jones
03/22/2014 10:25

Borrow must have been confused when he arrived in Heaven.He'd hoped he was near the fires of Hell.Coming to a village of savage men,he asked " Where am I? " " Heaven! " they grunted. Drinking green tea & reading ' Zen in the Art of Flower Arrangement ', they were that week's mutations. " I'm searching for the Great Inferno ", he ventured. They pointed to the distant red glowing sky, and grunted "MERTHYR!"


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