It's like this week has been declared National Hypocrisy Week and everyone's in on the act.
   A new transport secretary brought in the deliver the third runway for Heathrow, who has a phobia of flying.
   Astonishingly, a new secretary of state for environment, food and rural affairs (it used to be called 'Agriculture') who has ordered the mass murder of badgers in England, but who actually keeps two badgers as pets, names of Bessie and Baz!
   You couldn't make it up. In fact anyone who's been following the latest series of 'The Thick Of It' will probably realise that reality is definitely weirder than fiction.
   If Owen Paterson's pet badgers would seem to make him chief candidate for top of the Hypocrite Charts, then Chief Whip Andrew Mitchell has surely surpassed him.
   Although he denies it, two policemen at Downing Street are adamant that he abused them , called them 'fucking plebs' ( not 'fuckin'...I'm sure he enunciated the word) and 'morons' after being denied access with his push-bike.
   Mitchell was nicknamed 'Thrasher' at school and was shadow minister for the police! He is a notorious disciplinarian and advocate of strong law and order solutions. Mayor Boris at last year's Tory Conference called for the arrest of anyone who swore at the police......well, let's see that put into action.
   To return to the badger cull and someone who isn't normally accused of hypocrisy, namely Queen guitarist Brian May.
   May is a media champion of badgers and is very articulate and persuasive in attacking the cull. His arguments for mass vaccination are certainly reinforced by most scientific research and evidence from other countries.
   However, May is also a staunch royalist, who claims that one of his best ever gigs was the one from Buckingham Palace in 2002, to celebrate the Golden Jubilee. Maybe he has taken the band's name too literally.
   He supports the monarchy despite their appalling record on animal welfare. They hold regular shoots of birds and deer at their many mansions and their patronage of the RSPCA only serves to question the viability of that organisation.
   On the matter of the monarchy, the photos of a topless Kate proliferating around Europe this week are another source of hypocrisy.
   The Palace and its propaganda machine, emanating from Clarence House, are constantly using the celebrity status and good looks of Kate the 'Commoner' to boost the image of an aging institution.
   Her dress at the wedding was of prime importance and during both the Olympics and Paralympics they engineered every possible photo opportunity, so those very paps they now condemn could zoom in and make the most of it.
   They have the utter audacity to complain about the media 'objectifying women', when they have continually done the same thing.
   In a week where PCs Fiona Bone and Nicola Hughes were brutally murdered in Greater Manchester, I do feel that many spokespeople are guilty of hypocrisy.
   Firstly, it is totally wrong to claim that it isn't part of a 'British tradition' to arm the police.
   That part of Britain which most vehemently expressed its Britishness ( ubiquitous Union Jacks and red,white and blue paving-stones) is n. Ireland.
   Before the Troubles began in the 1960s the RUC were always armed. They were armed from the very inception of the sectarian statelet in 1922, despite the fact that  the IRA became an organisation without an armed wing, which was essentially Marxist and also peripheral.
   The RUC was an instrument of colonial rule in n. Ireland and their guns merely reinforced Loyalist hegemony.
   When sections of the police and media do propose the death penalty for those who kill police officers, their blatant hypocrisy is disturbing.
   I say this because when the police kill innocent people they aren't even prosecuted, let alone imprisoned for their crimes.
   From demonstrator Blair Peach, to case-of-mistaken-identity Jean Charles de Menezes and , more recently, to Ian Tomlinson, who was assaulted by PC Simon Harwood when he happened to be caught up in the G20 protests, an attack which led directly to his death from internal bleeding.
   Harwood may have been dismissed from his job, but he was not prosecuted. The record of the police in bringing their own officers to justice is nothing short of woeful.
   So, in National Hypocrisy Week I haven't even mentioned Nick Clegg and it's hard to decide who are the worst offenders, from the Palace to Scotland Yard, from one minister to another.

   ( Thanks to Andrew Herbert on FB, for giving me this idea).

                                        IT'S  NATIONAL  HYPOCRISY  WEEK!

It's National Hypocrisy Week
and Brian May appears on breakfast TV
with a furry animal on his head ;
he's railing against the badger cull
but as befits his band's name
his best time was on Buckers roof
playing for the other Queen.
How can you take him seriously
when he fails to condemn their shooting parties
and patronage of the RSPCA?

It's National Hypocrisy Week
and there's talk of police arms
and the death penalty for those who kill them,
while  PC Harwood, murderer of Tomlinson
( a man in the wrong place, wrong time)
is sacked but not held accountable
despite the evidence on video.
But hasn't it always been so :
Blair Peach and Jean Charles de Menezes
assassinated by cops and no justice still?

It's National Hypocrisy Week
and doting hubby William Wales
(that's why I call us 'Cymru')
is suing the paps who zoomed from distance
at his beloved Kate's mammary glands,
when all the Palace do for papers and telly
is use her clothes and outward charms,
their exploitation just as much in money's name:
our taxes paying for their lives of luxury.


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