Dave Evans
09/29/2009 14:51

Mike never knew you had a blog! found it by accident (i.e sitting in front of a pc drinking red wine).
Laughed out loud when the first thing I saw was about the mighty Kevin Coyne.
best wishes to one & all

Kim Bell
10/01/2009 18:56

Mike - Loved brill "trackie" pome, but don't think Richard Hawley wd ever write this kinda stuff - tho' mebbe he shd! Fact is, RH is like Jim Reeves on valium, only lusher and more strictly personal - as if Beatles and Stones never existed, and yr still listening to 3-Way Family Favourites on the Light Programme. This is not a good "sell" for you, and it's hard to explain why it works, tho' it does for incurable romantics. Recommend the excellent Coles Corner, but Handsome Family may suit better if you want late-nite angst. Kim


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